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Top View Steep Slope Estimating Software

Contractors who perform a significant percentage of their work installing metal roofs as well as using tiles and shingles need Top View. This specialized estimating software allows you to create metal, tile and shingle roof takeoffs, estimates and cut lists in minutes.

How Top View Was Developed

Some users of Taper-Plus, our tapered insulation software, couldn’t find metal roof takeoff software that met their requirements. We developed Top View after a major roofing supplier requested us to develop a more flexible and powerful metal roof estimating software. ASR worked with metal roofing industry leaders to create Top View. We continually update Top View based on the feedback of our own customers, making it a true state-of-the-art software choice. Top View is the industry’s most flexible metal roofing software, making it easier and faster to do everything you need.

Save Time and Money

Using a database and performing calculations by hand is a thing of a past. Top View takes roof measurements and quickly calculates the exact amount of material you’ll need for the job, meaning less material will end up in a landfill. In addition, our software also re-uses partial panels that end up reducing your material requirements and ultimately lowering your overall costs while also giving you the most accurate estimates.

Win More Contracts

Using ASR’s Top View estimating software gives you powerful tools that will help you win more contracts. Consider these pluses that will impress your customers:

  • The ability to make quick last-minute changes to your bid when customers suddenly change project requirements
  • Lowest possible materials estimate help you pass on savings to customers and improve your chances of having the best quote
  • Digitizers to convert physical blueprints into accurate CAD drawings
  • Create professional-looking reports that will make your estimates stand out from the rest

Money-Back Guarantee and Outstanding Support

Your annual subscription purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to see if Top View fits your needs. If you are unsatisfied with our software for any reason during the first month, simply return it for a full refund, all we ask is to get the security key back.

Learning new software always comes with a learning curve. That’s why ASR offers free unlimited support for everything from simple set-up to learning how to outline complicated roofs. Plus, you’ll get support from a contact person who knows how to solve your problem, not a undertrained rep at a remote location. The result is you’ll have the best estimating software in the business along with the best support.

Free No Obligation Software Consultation

We work with you to help find the best possible software package for your unique business needs. If we cannot provide what you need, we’ll recommend other options or refer you to other vendors.

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