We work with you to help find the best possible software package
for your unique business needs.


LWC-Plus Lightweight Insulating Concrete Takeoff and Estimate Software

Concrete roofs have a unique set of considerations that are quite different from other roofing applications. That’s why ASR developed LWC-Plus. Roofing contractors can automatically calculate insulation board quantities. As with our other roofing industry software products, LWC-Plus was created with the cooperation of contractors in the lightweight concrete roofing industry, so you know you’ll get software that meets your daily needs. LWC-Plus simplifies estimating, design and drafting of concrete roofs, allowing you to accomplish those tasks in less time so you can continue with the other aspects of running your roofing business.

Increase Your Productivity

It’s time to stop doing complicated estimates by hand. ASR’s estimating software allows you to easily create estimates, calculate materials and develop plans in a fraction of the time that you would normally spend. Simply outline the roof, specify the slope and the minimum thickness of the concrete and LWC-Plus does the rest. Instead of spending hours figuring out the particulars of the job, you can have them at your fingertips in minutes. Use the extra time you have to generate new business that will ultimately affect your bottom line.

Win More Contracts

The productivity features of this roofing industry software not only save you time, they also allow you to win more contracts. The ease with which you can produce changes, generate reports and responds to your customers needs will help generate more signed contracts, all with less effort on your part. Our software does it all. Just plug in measurements, material choices and other specifications and it does the rest! Consider these outstanding features that will impress potential customers:

  • Automatically calculate materials and adjust materials that will allow you to respond quickly to last-minute customer changes
  • Generate plots and other documentation
  • Import your logo and other company details into the plot to impress your customers with professional reports that will close the sale

Money-Back Guarantee and Outstanding Support

Your annual subscription purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to see if LWC-Plus fits your needs. If you are unsatisfied with our software for any reason during the first month, simply return it for a full refund, all we ask is to get the security key back.

Learning new software always comes with a learning curve. That’s why ASR offers free unlimited support for everything from simple set-up to learning how to outline complicated roofs. Plus, you’ll get support from a contact person who knows how to solve your problem, not a undertrained rep at a remote location. The result is you’ll have the best estimating software in the business along with the best support.

Free No Obligation Software Consultation

We work with you to help find the best possible software package for your unique business needs. If we cannot provide what you need, we’ll recommend other options or refer you to other vendors.

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