Get Support for Taper-Plus, LWC-Plus and Top View


How to Get Support

ASR support will help you with anything from simple questions to strategies for creating ultra-complicated roof takeoffs.

contact ASR

Office hours are Monday – Friday 8am – 3pm PST.

Am I eligible for Support?

Customers in the following categories are eligible for support.

  • All Top View customers.
  • Taper-Plus and LWC-Plus subscription licensees.
  • Taper-Plus and LWC-Plus perpetual licensees with support contracts.

Taper-Plus and LWC-Plus customers with perpetual licenses can get support contracts by contacting sales.

In addition to regular support, you may also be interested in our custom training sessions. Periodically check out our Downloads page for the latest versions of ASR products.

Free No Obligation Software Consultation

We work with you to help find the best possible software package for your unique business needs. If we cannot provide what you need, we’ll recommend other options or refer you to other vendors.

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