Tapered Insulation Takeoff and Estimate Software: Taper-Plus

Taper-Plus tapered-roof estimating and design software simplifies the creation of takeoffs, estimates, and other project documentation. Tested under the most challenging conditions with leaders in the roofing industry over a span of nearly 2 decades, Taper-Plus is the most advanced tapered-roofing software available.

Increase Productivity

Calculating and drawing estimates and takeoffs by hand takes a lot of time. Instead of hours, you can complete your estimates in minutes by taking advantage of Taper-Plus's many time-saving features:

  • Quickly create roof outlines imported from client documentation or drawn by hand.
  • Create estimates in seconds as Taper-Plus automatically calculates panels, crickets, and accessories based on the roof plans.
  • Customize to suit your own situation with reusable custom materials templates.
  • Create complete client, supplier, and internal project documentation quickly using pre-set reports and plots.

Save Money

You will already be saving money from all of the productivity-enhancing features, but Taper-Plus has a few more features that will help you save even more. 

  • Spend less on materials because Taper-Plus reuses partial panels efficiently.
  • Learn how to optimize your designs as you can experiment with different layouts and materials in minutes.
  • Get the best price on materials as you can buy as a complete system or in separate units as a commodity.

Flexible Pricing and Support

Taper-Plus is available with a number of different price and support plans to suit your needs and is backed up by our 30-day money-back guarantee. Contact us for a free consultation.

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